OK, I'm pushing ahead here, but have just come to regret getting rid of
some older Mac monitors I had (an Apple Mac Color Display and an Apple
Mac Performa Color Display).  I've just hooked up the Multiple Scan 15
screens I have to my Performa 475's and get no picture - I know they
worked with the other displays, but they had a cable that worked
straight off and didn't need the adapter I have (for using PC monitors).

The adapters work fine with the same monitor and switch settings with my
LC630, Performa 6320 and Performa 460 and the same screen - I've also
tried with a Samsung Syncmaster 3Ne, but with the same success and

Not having tracked down the manuals for these systems yet (I've not done
bad - I've got a selection for the 630 and some technical specs for the
400 series as well as a few bits for the 6300 series and the monitor -
at last) I have no idea how to debug this.  I'm assuming that it is the
cable/display/screen setup somewhere, but don't know how to boot into a
default screen setup.  I get a standard chime when I power on, and no
error tones.

Any ideas, links, tips, etc. would be most welcome - I'm hoping to get
them working and decide which to keep (definately the PPC one, and
probably a 475, but not sure yet!).

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