After about 3 weeks of moderate load laboratory system crushed. The 
incident timeline was:
- Investigation of the crash point - 1 day. 3x 147 HDDs and a 5-drive U320 
SCSI cage are not with us now.
- Investigation of the software damage - 1 day. The boot mirror with one 
HDD in the died cage has destroyed GRUB data and OS partition map 
configuration. It was simpler to completely reinstall the OS, than to fix 
- Bringing up the remaining software array with 73 GB drives - 15 minutes. 
MSA500 data had no corruption at OS level.
- QUADStor installation, database repair (as described in the knowledgebase 
reboot, FC access setting - 15 minutes. All remaining VMWare datastores 
were recovered without data loss.
Verdict: the software layer stability appeared much over hardware. QUADStor 
repair procedure is really simple. Thanks to authors!

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