On 04/06/2016 07:32 AM, Boris Prüßmann wrote:
> I've been using split-gpg with Enigmail and grew a little frustrated
> by the fact that I cannot properly import unknown keys by just
> clicking the "Import Key" button.
> I believe there is an easy way to solve this issue, but before
> spending too much time on it, I wanted to run the idea by the
> community to see if there are any particular concerns.
> So here's the idea: qubes-gpg-client-wrapper already does some
> preprocessing of command line arguments, so it should be pretty
> straightforward to have it detect if there is e.g. a --recv-keys
> argument. If that is found, it would use the "local" gpg version to
> download the requested key(s) into a temporary folder, then exporting
> them so that they can be passed to qubes-gpg-import-key.
> Any reason why that would not work? And more importantly, are there
> any security related reasons why implementing it in such a way would
> not be a good idea?

Can you file this as a feature request in github/QubesOS/qubes-issues ?

> -Boris


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