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Currently most of Qubes OS repositories are about Qubes-specific code as
almost all other components we pull from upstream distribution(s). This
works well with our current repository naming scheme described here:

As explained there, few of those are really 3rd-party software, but with
some Qubes-specific modifications. For example Xen (vmm-xen), Linux
kernel (linux-kernel), Libvirt (core-libvirt). In ideal world we'd use
upstream versions directly...

But recently there is more and more need to package additional software.
This is because either:
 - package is Qubes-specific and unlikely to be included in upstream
   distribution (for example screenshooting tool[1] made by Eva Star, or
   qubes-vpn[5] by Manuel Amador)
 - upstream package is outdated and very unlikely to updated (this is
   mostly about dom0 packages, as we rarely update dom0 distribution);
   for example tboot[2]
 - package needs some Qubes-specific modifications (already mentioned
   kernel, libvirt)
 - package is missing in upstream distribution; for example pvgrub2 (Grub2
   compiled with Xen support)[3], scrypt[4]

Again, in ideal world, none of those would apply, but well...

In the current scheme we'd use "linux-" prefix for such "generic"
packages (like linux-kernel, linux-pvgrub2), and "qubes-app-" for
Qubes-specifc extensions (all of them are maintained by Qubes team, so
not exactly apply to this case). But I'm not sure what is the best
approach here.

1. Stick with the current fuzzy rules: put the package in related
component if applicable - so tboot would go into antievilmaid
repository, otherwise create linux-* or qubes-app-* repository.

2. Always create linux-* repository.

3. Create one repository for all of them and use subdirectories (it's
mostly about .spec files and sometimes patches...)

4. Create new organization on github and separate repositories there,
possibly with different naming scheme - like "keep upstream name". If
this one, we need a name for this organization... "qubesos-packages"?

5. Something else?

Personally, I like the 4th option. Such approach is used by some projects
already, for example https://github.com/salt-formulas for salt stack
modules ("formulas").

Any thoughts?

[1] https://github.com/evadogstar/qvm-screenshot-tool
[3] https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-linux-pvgrub2
[5] https://github.com/Rudd-O/qubes-vpn

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Best Regards,
Marek Marczykowski-Górecki
Invisible Things Lab
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