On 2017-06-19 1:32 AM, Outback Dingo wrote:

> Packages are in testing repository - just enable it and help us.
>> what part of qubes doesnt run on my laptop for the past year did you miss ?? 
>> :)
>> id help if i could... is there an iso i can attempt to install to get
>> past the net issue?

If you have access to another computer and a USB flash drive, you can
download the kernel and kernel-qubes-vm packages on that machine and use
the flash drive to copy it over to your laptop.


Scroll to the bottom to learn how to copy from a VM to Dom0:

Otherwise, you can use qubes-builder on a Fedora 23 machine to create a
custom ISO that should incorporate the latest packages in the
repositories, although I'm not sure how to force it to grab the 4.9
kernel from the current-testing repository (although maybe it does that
automatically now; I haven't tried in a while):


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