Qubes R3.1, Fedora 23 template, fully updated.

I launch a new disposable Firefox, which creates a new DispVM and displays
[disp42] in the Firefox window title. All normal so far.

I hit CTRL+t to open a new Firefox tab and - I can't believe my eyes - the
"new tab" page is full of thumbnails of web pages I have visited in other
DispVMs, which have long been shut down.

sudo xl list from dom0 confirms disp42 is the only DispVM currently running.

How can such data leakage from one DispVM to another be possible? Yes, I am
adamant, 100% certain that I have not visited the web sites showing up in
the "new tab" page from the TemplateVM that my DispVM is based upon.

Any thoughts?



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