> Well, my wild enthusiasm with Qubes has turned into complete frustration
> and exasperation this morning.
> The "mild" corruption I was seeing on boot (running Qubes from a USB 2.5"
> HD) wasn't quite so mild the last time I booted.
> This time, rather than "recovering journal... done," the fsck spewed more
> than I've ever seen an fsck spew, and the filesystem was trashed.  /var
> ended up as a symlink to  I found /var/lib/qubes in
> lost+found (along with 350 other directories).  Argh!
> I'd highly recommend that nobody run Qubes 3.1 from an external USB drive.
> I'm going back to another OS as my daily system.
> I'll probably give Qubes 3.2rc a try on an internal hard drive, as a
> secondary OS, to see if that solves my HD and video corruption issues.  If
> not, I'll probably wait for Qubes to mature a bit more before using it in
> any serious manner.

I've run Qubes 3.0rc1 and Qubes 3.2rc1 from an external USD hard drive
(for about a month each).  3.0rc1 encountered kernel panics about once
per day (which wasn't the case when run from an internal drive) and
booted much slower than from an internal drive, but I didn't notice any
obvious drive corruption from it.  3.2rc1 had no issues whatsoever and
wasn't much slower than internal.  I haven't tried any release of 3.1.

So, my guess is that the issue you're encountering either was fixed
between 3.1 and 3.2rc1 (and didn't seem to exist in 3.0rc1), or is in
some way unique to your setup.  Maybe a hardware issue?

-Jeremy Rand

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