> Mathew Evans:
>> Long story short I'd like to share my keyboard and mouse from my Qubes 
>> environment to a windows environment (physically different machine) with 
>> synergy. Any ideas of best way to achieve this? short of adding networking 
>> to dom0 which I'm not willing to do.
> With the already-implemented qubes.InputKeybaord and qubes.InputMouse
> RPC services, and Synergy in an AppVM.
> I don't know how Synergy works, but it may be as simple as making
> trivial changes to the USB input proxy sender:
>  Anyway that's a
> good place to start.
> Pay close attention to the security notice.  I trust you know what
> you're doing ;).
> Andrew

Ah, I just realized you want to go the other way around.  You'll need to
implement your own RPC service.
Anyway the principle is the same, just reverse the components.


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