Maybe it's just me but I would expect the qvm-usb command to list the
USB devices of this command... sub-optimal (see
https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/usb/ or try it yourself). Is there a good
reason why dom0 isn't getting (and showing) the full output of lsusb (of
the USB qube) but to display lines like

|sys-usb:2-4 04ca:300d 04ca_300d instead? As I've got a number of very
exotic things on my hubs I'd rather like to see something that tells me
what it is instead of providing vendor and product IDs. And as I'm sure
I didn't invent the wheel myself I'm feeling confident that Marek had a
good reason not to add that little bit of usability to the tool so what
is the hidden cost of asking the sources of the USB devices for the
output of lsusb and displaying it in dom0 (which is what I'm really
curious about)? Achim |

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