ORWL 'Tamper-Proof' PC tries to give a new level of "physical protection" with 
it security mesh around the PC. If this is broken the encryption key of the 
disc get wiped. 


Would this be a good device to run a web-server under qubes in a normal 
unprotected environment (instead inside a data center)?

What are the Pro and Cons due to a higher level of Cybersecurity?

Nice is the idea to get an extra level of physical protection with a mix 
between authentication, encryption, wipeing, security chip and an active mesh. 
But always you must be aware of any kind of backdoors, many things look quite 
well in the first view, but others really work to harden the system 

So I hope all security engineering was well for the ORWL-Qubes PC (but please 
insert 64 or 32 GB of RAM). 

Kind Regards

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