On Sunday, 9 October 2016 04:46:12 UTC+11, jo...@mailbox.org  wrote:
> Dear Qubes Users,
> first of all I would thank the developers for this great peace of
> software! It (3.2) works on two Laptops and now I made the step to
> install it on the "main"-PC. Very unfortunate suspend-to-ram does not
> work ... really. Maybe someone has a cure for this unfortunate
> behaviour.
Are you saying it HAS a "Suspend to RAM" functionality?
If so, where is it you saw this functionality?

> I can suspend, and the machine wakes up from sleep, but is more or less
> unusable afterwards. The symptoms are:
> 1. the network-connection symbol says the network is broken. I have to
> reboot the sys-net (kill and restart), then the network comes online
> again and I have network connection from within the sys-net.

This is an issue because of the device attachment. That is what I found.
This issue has been there for a very long time. It is not something that can 
easily be fixed, but can only be fixed by user doing things particular ways. 
(Depending on what you want to do)

> 2. Most of the other VMs are offline and stopped. Restarting these VMs
> does not work or takes ages. You cannot start any other VMs (well
> somethimes after several minutes something works, i.e. a shell is
> startet, but no net.)

This functionality I don't use, I never suspend my machine.
IF you have this issue, you need to check the system itself, not just the Qubes 
Manager. OR, you can restart the Qubes Manager so that it can completely 
refresh itself. This has been an issue with the Manager from Qubes-OS for a 
while now, sometimes it loses what's happening in the system. So restarting the 
front-end NORMALLY fix's the situation.
Other than that you can check the system by running "xl list"
That will show you all the running VMs as well as their current utilisation 

> 3. in Dom0 you can see that some process like (awk, cut, sed and such
> are taking 100% of one CPU core for hours.) 

I have noticed this too. This is one thing I do not know about and have never 
been able to find out why they do this.

> 4. the VM-Manager marks some/most VMs with "VM didn't give back memory".
> I can restart (kill) them, but they are unresposive/unusable. Sometimes
> I can get a shell, sometimes not (or I haven't waited long enough.)

I've had this happen before. Not in 3.2R1+ though.
Restart the manager, as I stated in last response. It can sometimes let you see 
what you need to see so that you can fix the problem.

> 5. I cannot shut down properly. (_maybe_ I could wait some hours, and
> it would work.) Have to do a cold reset.
This is caused if you have guests that aren't shut down properly, or have not 
returned things and can't be cleared out. There are many things that it could 

If you weren't using graphical mode on boot/shutdown then you could see what 
was going on.

I've had the identicle issue before, it sits on the "a stop job is running for 
dom0" and it actually sat there all weekend trying to shut down.

> So I have to cold reset to have a working system again. 
> Could someone maybe shed some light on this?

I have a torch, battery is a bit low, but it's something. Maybe you can provide 
some more information with what I have provided?

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