On Monday, 10 October 2016 13:09:30 UTC+11, pleo...@gmail.com  wrote:
> > ---
> and this thing with boot look at the boot screen prev instaled Qubes and Post 
> instaled Qubes.I my comp usualy boot screen took few sec say 3 but after 
> install Qubes it took 20 sec or even more.So the must be some kind blue pill 
> backdor.

So with other operating system it took 3 or so seconds to boot, and now with 
Qubes it takes 20?

Did you know that Qubes starts the sys-net and sys-firewall (whatever VMs you 
set to start on boot) before you actually get to the GUI?
Not to mention, IF there are issues, it will check the HDD.
If you don't run RedHat Graphical Boot (RHGB) then you can actually see what is 
happenning and you can see what it does that takes a long time. Do this, and 
you will see. :}
So on booting, press ESC to get rid of RHGB temporarily.

If there is something that is taking a long time, and it shouldn't, message it 
back here and let people know.

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