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> On Wed, Nov 23, 2016 at 10:48:23PM -0800, tom...@gmail.com wrote:
> > So, after Marek's fix here, 
> > https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-issues/issues/1659
> > is it true that I can expect this from it:
> > - HVM passthrough working using stub domain via xl ?
> >   (following your guide above, exlcuding 'qemu-xen-traditional')
> > And not:
> > - HVM passthrough working via VM created with Qubes manager and started 
> > with it / qvm-start ?
> Actually, generic PCI passthrough should just work in both cases now.
> Don't know if GPU passthrough is any special here, but I wouldn't be
> surprised if it is...
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> 51t3eiGPKWEghlvHY2sCwQRAKtZjkqSGxu73RCxPYDZ1nuUf/yw7hsmC1uRwUNQ=
> =ViLz

I've tried passing through a USB controller to my windows hvm. Despite setting 
the pci_strictreset to false, qvm-start still fails with libvirt.libvirtError: 
internal error: libxenlight failed to create new domain 'windows-7'

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