I am new user. I plan to install Qubes but I am not sure how my partition 
scheme should looks like with dual boot and two disks. I read documentation, 
but I didn’t find example similar to my case. 

1. Space for Qubes: I have two disks SSD with about 35-40 gb of space (sda) and 
about 130gb on standard magnetic disk (sdb). For the moment I have Fedora 
installed on both disks.
2. Windows is installed as EFI and uses most capacity of both disks . I know 
the risk of dual boot but I need Windows for different tasks. I would prefer 
avoid installation of Windows (if possible).
3. I have about 85 gb of important data that I need to store on one of VMs. I 
assume that it would be “personal” or I will make special one.
4. I thought that I will put “/” on sda, “/boot” & “swap” on sdb and mount rest 
of sdb to that special VM, but Marek mentioned in other thread that it won’t be 
good solution. In such case I assume that I should mount rest of sdb to 
“/var/lib/qubes”. If, it is good idea?

If some of You can suggest me some ideas or best practices in such case I will 
be glad.

Thank You.


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