How to Backup Qubes Using New USB Hard Drive

I'd like to backup my VMs to an external USB hard drive.  I have a couple of 
questions not answered by these pages:


The drive is a new Seagate 1.5TB hard drive.  It's a tiny thing that gets its 
power off of the USB bus.  Apparently Seagate has already installed their 
backup program, which runs in both Mac and Windows.

If I'm going to use this drive, I assume that I want to delete that program and 
any other crapware that Seagate might have put on there.  Also, I don't know 
which disk format they're using.  I doubt it's something that Qubes or Linux 
would find ideal.

To start, where do I want to attach the drive?  Qubes has automatically 
attached it to Dom0, but I doubt that I want to format it from there.

Does one of the other VMs already have something like gparted installed, or 
will I need to download that?

What file format should I use?

I think that's the extent of my questions.  I might think of some more as I 
work through this process the first time.  Thank you for any insight or 
enlightenment you can provide.

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