@Olivier Medoc
First off, thank you for all the work you've clearly put into the Arch Linux 
build and documentation for Qubes.
FYI, I'd just like to add my own experiences when I tried to use the new 
template. (Since I was using the ready-built template, I skipped your build 
instructions and started at section "Package Manager Proxy Setup Section".):
1. After the initial download, the template VM wouldn't close down and was 
eventually killed by the qubes-dom0-update script. That behaviour was repeated 
after I started and tried to shutdown the template VM myself.2. Just like 
Francesco, I had difficulty reading the command lines, because it is virtually 
impossible to distinguish a single- from a double-dash and copy/paste wasn't 
working. I tried in both Firefox and Chromium so it wasn't browser related. A 
fixed-pitch font should do the trick.3. Since gnome-terminal wouldn't open, it 
would have been useful if you had specifically named the "archlinux terminal 
app" for those of us not versed in Arch Linux. I used xterm as a fallback, 
which worked, but later found out that there is an xfce4-terminal that is very 
like gnome-terminal.4. Step 3 Install Pacman failed with an error about a 
database file not existing. Some research led me to try "pacman -Syy" (I think 
without "sudo") which did the trick. 5. Step 7 Configure Powerpill...  the 
description (though not the example) omits the need for a comma on the 
preceding line.
Otherwise, it's now all up and running. Now all I have to do is get my head 
around Arch!

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