I have seen much more systemd hates than proper arguments against systemd. But 
if systemd is really wrong, this kind of debate does not contribute for 
rejecting it.

>From security perspective in context of dom0, systemd is a process that 
>interacts with local processes and maybe with few other local things. If 
>systemd is really wrong for security (I am not convinced so), I would expect 
>it to allow local privilege escalation, which is not much a threat in context 
>of Qubes. Did you mean something else?

If there is a proper argument against systemd for dom0, I hope Qubes developers 
will hear it. But they will hardly move to Slackware (or another non-systemd 
distro) just for sake of getting rid of systemd. I guess that without a good 
argument for it*, there will be always something more important giving better 
improvement, requiring less effort and indroducing less risks.

Vít Šesták 'v6ak'

*) I am not stating there is not any reasonable argument. There might be one I 
haven't realized. But if there is any, it should be mentioned in a proper way.

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