On Tuesday, 10 January 2017 10:47:58 UTC+11, Connor Page  wrote:
> Sorry Drew, you asked what needs to be installed to make another dom0, not 
> the bare minimum that is required.

I'm sorry that I was not more specific when I said "needs". It can be taken 
multiple ways, I should have been more precise.

>Every Qubes specific package provides a list of prerequisites and version 
That is true, but that's why I'm curious about it to know.

>For instance,
> Name:         qubes-core-dom0
> Version:      %{version}
> Release:      1%{dist}
> Summary:      The Qubes core files (Dom0-side)
> Group:                Qubes
> Vendor:               Invisible Things Lab
> License:      GPL
> URL:          http://www.qubes-os.org
> BuildRequires:  ImageMagick
> BuildRequires:        systemd-units
> # FIXME: Enable this and disable debug_package
> #BuildArch: noarch
> Requires(post): systemd-units
> Requires(preun): systemd-units
> Requires(postun): systemd-units
> Requires:     python, pciutils, python-inotify, python-daemon
> Requires:       qubes-core-dom0-linux >= 3.1.8
> Requires:       qubes-core-dom0-doc
> Requires:       qubes-db-dom0
> Requires:       python-lxml
> Requires:       python-psutil
> # TODO: R: qubes-gui-dom0 >= 2.1.11
> Conflicts:      qubes-gui-dom0 < 1.1.13
> Requires:       libvirt-python
> %if x%{?backend_vmm} == xxen
> Requires:       xen-runtime
> Requires:       xen-hvm
> Requires:       libvirt-daemon-xen >= 1.2.20-6
> %endif
> Requires:       createrepo
> Requires:       gnome-packagekit
> Requires:       cronie
> Requires:       bsdtar
> # for qubes-hcl-report
> Requires:       dmidecode
> Requires:       PyQt4
> Dom0 is created by installing qubes tools that pull in their dependencies and 
> so on. Yum Extender in dom0 can give you all the prerequisites. Of course 
> here we rely on developers being precise when defining them.

That is true. 

Thing is, I'd be building it from code, which is why I need to know. Because 
not everything is as simple as using an RPM or other package like that. And 
there are no SRPMs so that's another thing that makes it not work well for what 
I need to do to get the packages installed to create a new Dom0.

But that's just the way things go unfortunately.

I can but try.

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