It does. Thank you. And my excuses for asking  rtfm questions. 
I learn that my standard "search algo" to put the initial error message
(here: dfn ) into google is not appropriate for searching the documentation.
> On Thursday, January 5, 2017 at 9:58:20 AM UTC-6, Bernhard wrote:
>> Hello again,  let me precise my question : how do I move appvm's
>> (sitting in a relatively small SSD on /var/lib/appvm/..) to the large
>> and empty HDD ? That would solve a lot of "space" problems. Did I
>> partition wrong?? I set up
>>  32GiB SSD: 512M   /boot    and the rest   /
>> 450Gib HD:    16G   /swap   and the rest    /home
>> Thank you, Bernhard
>>>   Hello,
>>> thank you for all help I got so far. The qubes adventure continues for
>>> me :) I do need
>>> a rather complete texlive installation, and when doing this with dnf I
>>> run out of space.
>>> Can someone give me a hint what to do?
>>> Thanks, Bernhard
> Does this answer your question?

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