Lenovo T420
Qubes OS 3.2 R3.2

After following the instructions for setting up Kali using the Debian template 
(https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/pentesting/kali/) and installing Kali tools using 
the Katoolin option, I have found that attempting to resize the "Terminal" 
application window within either the Kali template or the VM created from the 
Kali template causes the VM to crash (green dot changes to yellow dot within 
Qubes VM Manager, terminal window disappears).

- Start VM using Terminal App shortcut
- Terminal appears, green dot next to Template or VM in VM manager app as 
- Attempt to Resize terminal window using mouse to grab corner of window and 
make it larger
- Terminal window frame flickers, along with the Window Manager Panel at the 
bottom of the screen
- Terminal window disappears, VM icon changes to yellow in VM Manager.  VM must 
be manually shut down using VM manager or CLI.

This occurs ONLY with the modified Kali template / Kali VM created by cloning 
the Debian template.  It does not occur with the Terminal app in the built-in 
Debian template.   The Kali template was cloned from Debian and then "apt-get 
distupgrade" was performed, which presumably is what is causing the difference 
in behavior between the built-in Debian template and the modified Kali template.


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