On Thursday, January 5, 2017 at 9:59:49 AM UTC-8, morf...@gmail.com wrote:
> Lenovo T420
> Qubes OS 3.2 R3.2
> After following the instructions for setting up Kali using the Debian 
> template (https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/pentesting/kali/) and installing Kali 
> tools using the Katoolin option, I have found that attempting to resize the 
> "Terminal" application window within either the Kali template or the VM 
> created from the Kali template causes the VM to crash (green dot changes to 
> yellow dot within Qubes VM Manager, terminal window disappears).
> - Start VM using Terminal App shortcut
> - Terminal appears, green dot next to Template or VM in VM manager app as 
> expected
> - Attempt to Resize terminal window using mouse to grab corner of window and 
> make it larger
> - Terminal window frame flickers, along with the Window Manager Panel at the 
> bottom of the screen
> - Terminal window disappears, VM icon changes to yellow in VM Manager.  VM 
> must be manually shut down using VM manager or CLI.
> This occurs ONLY with the modified Kali template / Kali VM created by cloning 
> the Debian template.  It does not occur with the Terminal app in the built-in 
> Debian template.   The Kali template was cloned from Debian and then "apt-get 
> distupgrade" was performed, which presumably is what is causing the 
> difference in behavior between the built-in Debian template and the modified 
> Kali template.
> Rys

UPDATE:  I was able to use the solution mentioned in a similar thread "qvm-run 
vm "xterm" --pass-io" and the resulting xterm behaves normally.  Works for me.

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