On Wednesday, January 4, 2017 at 1:01:49 PM UTC-5, Unman wrote:
> I'd expect to see the .desktop files.
> Here's a sample - save it as xfce4-terminal.desktop:

Thanks for your efforts to assist with this. I copied the text you posted and 
saved it as a .desktop text file as you suggested, and then moved it into the 
/usr/share/applications folder of dom0, and then rebooted.

It doesn't seem to have had any effect, though it's hard to tell since the xfce 
"start menu" doesn't appear to even have a "system tools" menu entry to begin 
with, unlike the kde plasma one. There is a "System" menu at the very top, but 
that contains a whole gigantic mess of shortcuts from every VM I have, all 
jumbled together in one big chaotic list. However, clumped together midway 
through that menu are the few dom0 shortcuts I still have (apper, DispVM 
Browser etc) and there doesn't seem to be any new item referencing the xfce4 

Is there anything else I can try at this point? I've noticed that I keep 
getting notified that Qubes Dom0 updates are available, but whenever I run sudo 
qubes-dom0-update it reports no packages to download, nothing to update.

Any other ideas or suggestions would be more than welcome. Thanks.

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