On Saturday, December 10, 2016 at 5:36:29 PM UTC, Reg Tiangha wrote:
> On Saturday, December 10, 2016 at 6:03:17 AM UTC-7, jkitt wrote:
> > What's it like to update - is it relatively simple? Would you say it's more 
> > secure than Debian or Fedora?
> It's easy. Shut down your Mirage OS Firewall VMs, copy over the new kernel 
> files to the relevant directory in /var/lib/qubes/vm-kernels in dom0, and 
> then restart the Mirage firewalls.
> Note that if you're trying to compile the latest mirage firewall code from 
> github (which isn't reflected on the Release pages yet; there have been some 
> minor changes since the last one), it might be a bit tricky since if you 
> follow the default github instructions, the compilation will eventually fail 
> as mirage-nat tries to pull in older versions of its package dependencies by 
> default.

It seems to work for me. To make things more predictable, I've added a script 
to build it with Docker:

sudo yum install docker
sudo systemctl start docker
git clone https://github.com/talex5/qubes-mirage-firewall.git
cd qubes-mirage-firewall
sudo ./build-with-docker.sh

The Dockerfile uses a fixed version of opam-repository, so it shouldn't break 
even if something gets updated. It also prints out the sha256sum of the binary 
it built and the expected hash (hard-coded in the file), e.g.

$ sudo ./build-with-docker.sh
SHA2 of build:   
SHA2 last known: 

I'd be interested to know if other people get the same hash (of course, the 
hash will change if you e.g. modify the rules.ml file to change the policy).

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