Hi again,

On 31.01.2017 19:30, qu...@posteo.de wrote:

I have tried to to create my own disposable vm based on the minimal
Fedora 24 template and it always hangs during "Waiting for DVM
fedora-24-minimal-dvm ...". The only difference to the original rpm
template is sudo and the salt vm package.

If I use the regular fedora-24 template it works fine.

So which package or service am I missing?

I have the package qubes-core-vm installed as described in the Wiki but it still does not work. Can anybody at least reproduce the issue? The qubes package seem to be the same for my disposable vm based on the minimal template and the default template.

I have also read on this mailing list that you can use the minimal-template for disposable vms which does not work for me at all, even if I reset it.

Thx in advance

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