On 02/17/2017 04:06 PM, evo wrote:
so i disable VT-d and Virtualization in BIOS, restarted the laptop in
Debian Linux... no changes... the strange noise was still there.
then i pluged in my laptop and "oh wonder" the noise was away.

so the thing is in the VT-d and Virtualization of the Thinkpad T520.

now i am in qubes... but how can qubes work with disabled virtualization
and VT-d in BIOS??

the noise is ok so far... i hear it but it is very quiet

It does sound like coil whine... When you plugged your laptop in, it changed the power usage profile of the motherboard. VT-d could be a factor, but the real culprit is components that are falling out of spec.

A common trigger of coil whine for older laptops was USB power saving. I wouldn't be surprised if the noise changed on your system by assigning (or un-assigning) USB controllers to sys-usb, for example (this is also related to VT-d). You may also be able to reduce the noise by changing USB power-saving parameters in sys-usb.


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