Hello Qubers.

I am sorry but this is going to be a little vague as I have not been able to 
pinpoint much but hoping someone knows a solution or is at least having same 

Since updating dom0 and my appVM templates last Sunday I am having problems 
with windows in my appVMs being unresponsive to mouse input.  I can not scroll 
or select items in windows.   The menus work in so much as they show the list 
but clicking itemes in the menus of a window does nothing.   Trying to click X 
to close a window does nothing.     Some examples.  if I open Nautilus I can 
not select directories to change to or files to open,  firefox will not scroll 
windows.    The only way around this is to shutdown the problem AppVM via VM 
manager and try again,  some times it works first times around, some times I 
have to shut down the AppVM multiple times.

I'm running Qubes 3.2 with Fedora 24 and Debian 8 app templates/vms

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