On Tue, Apr 25, 2017 at 06:06:55PM +0200, cubit wrote:
> Hello Qubers.
> I am sorry but this is going to be a little vague as I have not been able to 
> pinpoint much but hoping someone knows a solution or is at least having same 
> problem.
> Since updating dom0 and my appVM templates last Sunday I am having problems 
> with windows in my appVMs being unresponsive to mouse input.  I can not 
> scroll or select items in windows.   The menus work in so much as they show 
> the list but clicking itemes in the menus of a window does nothing.   Trying 
> to click X to close a window does nothing.     Some examples.  if I open 
> Nautilus I can not select directories to change to or files to open,  firefox 
> will not scroll windows.    The only way around this is to shutdown the 
> problem AppVM via VM manager and try again,  some times it works first times 
> around, some times I have to shut down the AppVM multiple times.
> I'm running Qubes 3.2 with Fedora 24 and Debian 8 app templates/vms


This is a known bug affecting Fedora-24 and Debian-8 based qubes. There
is already a fix in testing which will be pushed out soon.

In the meantime, if you do something to trigger that qube, like open a
terminal, it should give you back control.



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