Hey guys,

I have a rather peculiar issue. Sometimes all the UI elements stop responding 
to mouse clicks (or touch pad for that matter). This includes all AppVMs and 
dom0. E.g. I can't switch tabs in the browser or tabs in terminal emulators or 
just select or move windows with the mouse. I still can do all of that using 
keyboard, alt+tab switches between windows just fine, ctrl+pageup/pagedown 
switches between terminal/browser tabs, commands in bash can be executed and 
typed in.

It starts responding to clicks again after anywhere between 1 and 5 minutes.
This happens between one and five times a day.

Could someone please point me to how do I debug this issue?


I use Qubes as my primary OS and usually have two, rarely three or four AppVMs 
working at the same time. I am mindful of the memory usage and am sure that it 
stays well within available memory. I use Lenovo ThinkPad T450 with 16G of RAM 
of which most of the time I only use < 50%.

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