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> A companion to the Best Laptop for Qubes thread :)
> Most of the HCL is filled with laptops - very few desktops are there,
> especially on the high end.
> Currently I have a Dell Inspiron - works but 16GB RAM is max there
> (and it is a non-ECC so most probably more than that does not make
> much sense), and 16BG is not enough for me (browsers seem to eat
> unbelievable amounts of RAM).
> Is there a recommended desktop system for Qubes with over 16GB RAM?
> -- 
> Zbigniew Lukasiak
> http://brudnopis.blogspot.com/
> http://perlalchemy.blogspot.com/

Highly depends on the use case and budget. SO, a few questions first:
 - Does it have to be prebuilt or do You want to build it yourself?
 - Do you plan on using it for GPU-intensive tasks?
 - How much do you care about the looks/size/portability of your machine?
 - DO you already own some PC components?
 - What's your budget?

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