A bit of thread necromancy here, but - if you're using a smartphone in the US 
with mobile data, there's a *very* good chance you're already using IPv6.

Over 16% of traffic to Google is native IPv6: 

And as of AUgust 2016, more than 50% of the traffic to Facebook from users on 
the 4 major cellular (mobile data) networks in the US was via IPv6: 

Akamai (one of the first CDNs) has some IPv6 adoption statistics, too: 

So, IPv6 isn't quite as niche as a lot of folks in tech seem to think. My ISP 
started rolling it out, and while I had to do a small amount of massaging with 
my pfSense box to have it work properly, once it was functioning essentially 
the way an ISP-provided router might... essentially everything "just worked."


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