some days ago I installed the fedora-25 template, but didn't use it because first I wanted to test it.
I also updated my templates (around 20) and dom0.

Then I noticed that starting a dvm takes really long (around 45 Seconds). Before it was about 3 seconds, which is somehow acceptable. But 40 seconds?

I now changed the dvm to fedora-25 to perhaps improve the behaviour but the dvm startet even slower (around 50 seconds).

To test it, I startet the dvm from the dom0-console:

[user@dom0 ~]$ sh - c 'echo firefox | usr/lib/qubes/qfile-daemon-dvm qubes.VMShell dom0 DEFAULT red'
time=1500551220.14, qfile-daemon-dvm init
time=1500551220.14, creating DispVM
time=1500551220.19, collection loaded
time=1500551220.19, VM created
time=1500551220.2, VM starting
time=1500551220.2, creating config file
time=1500551220.31, calling restore
time=1500551221.25, done
time=1500551221.27, done qubesdb
time=1500551221.27, resumed
time=1500551221.46, qrexec done
time=1500551271.78, guid done
time=1500551271.78, VM started
time=1500551271.79, reloading firewall
time=1500551271.8, starting VM process

It seems that guid startup takes 50 seconds. What is going on there or how can I debug it further?


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