Dear users,

so I tested the new 4.0rc1 on a T530 with coreboot & SeaBios as payload:

It installed perfectly fine, then on first boot I ran into the issue from!topic/qubes-users/jfQovXpzCq8 : After installation Grub is loaded, I selected an entry, the screen remains blank. Reboot after 2-3s.

I managed to fix that by removing the iommu=no-gfx line from the xen kernel parameters in the grub menu. What exactly did I do with that? So my Intel GPU now also uses VT-d? Is this a problem?
Anyway it looked like a Xen bug to me.

Then the installer for the 1st time configuration hang at "Executing Qubes configuration", mouse became unusable --> Reboot.

Installer pops up again, this time it all goes through & surprisingly quick, xfce starts, yay...

I accidentally click on "One empty panel..." --> hrmpf, ok I get an empty panel and an empty screen apart from the wallpaper - who needs that?

Trying to find out whether VT-d is enabled on command-line - ah, qubes-hcl is not installed. -_-

xl info shows virt_caps = hvm_directio, so VT-d seems to work.

Thanks @devs, I will have a deeper look soon!


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