I doubt there are a lot of Tidal users who also happen to be QubesOS users but 
for those who are here's a quick guide on how to create Tidal AppVM

1. Create a new AppVM, name it however you want (I'll assume the AppVM is named 
tidal for the rest of this guide)
2. In TemplateVM upon which the tidal AppVM is based, install npm and either 
the PepperFlash plugin or Adobe Flash
 - sudo dnf install npm
3. In tidal AppVM download the Tidal wrapper off of GitHub and install it:
 - git clone https://github.com/Bunkerbewohner/tidal-music-linux
 - cd tidal-music-linux
 - npm install
 - cd /home/user/.local
 - mkdir bin
4. in the bin directory create a following script using your favourite text 
editor and name it tidal:

cd ~/tidal-music-linux
npm start

(I chose .local/bin directory because it's added to $PATH by default)

5. Make the script executable by running
 - sudo chmod +x tidal
6. Launch terminal in TemplateVM upon which tidal AppVM depends and create a 
following .desktop file:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Tidal Music Player

7. Move the .desktop file to correct subfolder
 - sudo mv tidal-Default.desktop /usr/share/applications

8. In another AppVM Download Tidal icon off the Internet (Google Images should 
find some logos)
9. Resize the Tidal icon to 48x48 using your favourite image editor (I used 
10. Move the icon to the TemplateVM
11. Move the icon to the correct subfolder
 - sudo mv tidal-Default.png /usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/
12. in dom0 run qvm-sync-appmenus TemplateVM
13. Shut down both the Tidal AppVM and the template
14. Now you should be able to add a shortcut to the Tidal AppVM named Tidal 
Music Player

(Yeah, I know this is a bit hacky but hey, it works). Improvements welcome.

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