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Am 10.08.2017 3:33 vorm. schrieb "Grzesiek Chodzicki" <

I doubt there are a lot of Tidal users who also happen to be QubesOS users
but for those who are here's a quick guide on how to create Tidal AppVM

Thank you for the how-to, I think this should go into the Qubes
Documentation, which can be enhanced/written by everyone of us.
You only need a GitHub account (which is free).

Here is more information how to contribute to the Qubes documentation:


I have written a Multimedia how-to about using Amazon Prime / Netflix /
Spotify and playing DVDs via Qubes (Debian based multimedia App-VM).

Maybe you just add your tidal how-to there?

While my how-to is finished it still doesn't made it to the main howto,
which feels somewhat frustrating as I've put some work into it (as you can
see from the discussion threat).

Qubes How-to play Multimedia How-to


- PhR

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