Hello Beso,

> Mobile Broadband is enabled in
> NetworkManager Applet.
> I can create new Mobile Broadband
> connection but it keeps connecting
> and nothing else

I am using mobile broadband within Qubes and am happy to help, but honestly 
your question/problem is to unqualified.

- what version of Qubes are you running?
- what modell of mobile broadband card are you using?
- how is the broadband card connected? Probably as an internal USB device.
- are you using sys-usb to connect the card to your sys-net VM? Or are you 
passing through the whole USB controller?
- have you tried to boot up a Fedora live Linux and check if your mobile 
broadband is working there?
- what does "keeps connecting" means?

My suggestion:
Try to get the mobile broadband card working without Qubes (Linux Live Boot 
from USB-Stick).
If you got it working try to make it work in Qubes.


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