Hello Marek,

first of all thanks for all your qualified answers (not only in my but also 
other threads).

> Did you switched "guiagent_installed" and/or "qrexec_installed"
> properties? Both should be set to "false", unless you really installed
> those components inside.

Ok, now I understand, I've read something about qrexec_installed somewhere in 
the documentation, but I didn't understand in which context this was meant.
Yes, I've verified quiagent_installed and qrexec_installed and both are set to 

>> b) can I install the missing Qubes parts later on to get seamless mode
>> working and to launch applications from dom0 (qrexec...)

> Not easily. Theoretically both qrexec and gui agent should just work
> but in practice packages shipping them depends on specific system
> configuration [...]
> This is improved for Qubes OS 4.0 - packages are split into
> smaller parts and it is possible to install just parts you want, without
> the whole system reconfiguring stuff.

I tried to run Qubes 4.0rc1 on my X230 but ran into problems, as I am now 
addionally running Coreboot I don't know if this adds even more complexity and 
thought about waiting until Qubes 4.0rc2 comes out.

>> c) is it possible to create a standalone HVM based on an existing Qubes 
>> template?

> Yes, qvm-create --standalone --template TEMPLATE_NAME ...

Wow, I didn't know that, I think this is the best approach, as I have the 
benefits from both worlds:
1) all qubes part to be able to run seamless mode (if needed)
2) all flexibility of a HVM to add additional packages etc.

As I want to migrate the HVM later on to vsphere (see my other thread which you 
have also answered :-) it might be a good idea to remove all specific qubes 
packages after the HVM has been migrated.

*** Question ***
Which packages should/can I uninstall to remove the specific Qubes parts (which 
are not needed after the VM has been migrated)?

My HVM which I've build with a standard centos-minimal ISO is now booting up in 
a window, which is great unfortunately it seems to stuck at boot.
I have removed rhgb quiet from GRUB when starting up to see what is going on 
and the VM is booting up very slowly and is then stucked with the last message:

[1.443023] [TTM] Initializing DMA pool allocator

I've waited for ~5 min but nothing happens after this.

*** Question ***
Do you have any idea why the boot is stucket after/at: "[1.443023] [TTM] 
Initializing DMA pool allocator"


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