I thought about how to work with cloud storage under Qubes OS and I'd like to 
share my idea with you, to provide feedback.
I have already build a prototype that works "reasonable" well, but I am far 
away from being a security professional, as such I'd like to hear your opion 
about it.
You are using cloud storage like Microsoft OneDrive and you would like to do so 
under Qubes in a more secure way.
- all files within onedrive should be encrypted
- files should still be accessible/decryption from other Operating systems
- decrypted data storage and cloud storage access should be separated into two 
- different AppVMs should have access to data in the cloud storage, but it's 
impossible for an AppVM to read the data which should be read by other AppVMs 
(meaning you have the option to create individuall encrypted directories)
- solution should be easy to use and relying on scripts to provide good 
automation and a good tradeoff between security and user experience.

In order to reach the goals, the idea is to work with two AppVMs:
1. "Access+Transfer AppVM" this VM will access the cloud storage provider, 
provide synchronisation and will always see encrypted data
2. "Storage-AppVM" this VM will receive the encrypted files from the 
Access+Transfer AppVM and store the files. It will also work as a data-hub to 
provide access to data to your other AppVMs which you use to manipulate the 
data within this VM.

As such we have separated:
- Access & Transfer of data from cloud storage provider
- Local data storage
- Data manipulation

Solution Design:
[Access+Transfer AppVM]
Template: fedora-25-minimal
Additional packages:
- OneDrive Freeclient 
- sudo dnf -y install nfsutils
Will be configured to mount a NFS-share from the Storage AppVM and to access 
OneDrive to synchronize the files
Data will be downloaded and storad in the mounted NFS-Share of the Storage AppVM

[Storage App-VM]
Template: fedora-25-minimal
Additional packages:
- sudo dnf -y nfs-utils encfs
This machine has been setup as a NFS Server.
The /etc/exports file and also the iptables Firewall of this AppVM has been 
setup, so that the [Access+Transfer AppVM] kann access a certain location.
Within this location all files ENCFS-encrypted.
As such the Access+Transfer AppVM but also the Cloud Storage provider will only 
see encrypted files.
Additional AppVMs can also mount the main NFS Share/directory.
Those AppVMs can access certain subfolders and mount them via ENCFS to get the 
unecrypted data.
So the ENCFS decryption are done in those AppVMs.
You could setup various subfolders within your Onedrive directory and each 
folder could be encrypted within the different AppVMs.
onedrive\photos --> NFS Share to --> my-photo-appvm
onedrive\work --> NFS Share to --> my-work-appvm
onedrive\media --> NFS Share to --> my multimedia-appvm

Let's look at one AppVM (example my-work-appvm = // storage-appvm =
On sys-firewall there is a rule, so that the work-appvm can access the 
[user@sys-firewall ~]$ sudo iptables -I FORWARD 2 -s -d 

On the storage appvm:
[user@my-storage ~]$ sudo iptables -I INPUT 5 -i eth0 -s -d -j ACCEPT
The NFS Exports file:
# = Access+Transfer AppVM
# = Work AppVM

In the Work AppVM you are mounting the NFS Share from the Storage AppVM:
sudo mount /mnt/onedrive-work.encfs

In Order to access the files, the NFS share is encfs-mounted:
encfs /mnt/onedrive-work.encfs ~/work

the unencrypted files can be accessed in ~/work.
If saved they will be encfs-encrypted and stored to NFS share of the Storage 
The Storage AppVM is connected to the Access-Transfer-AppVM which will 
recognize that an (encrypted) file has changed and will upload it to Onedrive.

As you can guess, you can use different AppVMs, which access different 
subfolders with different ENCFS-Keys.
For additional security you can also choose to shutdown the Access+Transfer 
AppVM and disable the NFS Server in the Storage AppVM if you don't need access 
to the files.

Script to start the NFS Server from dom0
qvm-run my-storage 'xterm -e "sudo systemctl start nfs"'
sleep 2

Scripts to unencrypt the data in an AppVM from dom0:
qvm-run my-work 'xterm -e "encfs /mnt/onedrive-work.encfs ~/work"'

Script to unmount the unencrypted share in an AppVM:
qvm-run my-untrusted 'xterm -e "fusermount -u ~/work"'

I have already a working prototype, regarding the NFS server and ENCFS-part and 
will now add the onedrive part.

What's your opinion about this approach (I hope I could make clear what the 
idea is) - am I opening to much attack possibilities because I need to have NFS 
server running between the AppVMs? Keep in mind, that I am only sharing one 
directory, which is encrypted and only the AppVM knows how to decrypt the data.
So even if the Storage AppVM gets compromissed, the data should be encrypted 
(and therof protected).

The password entry within the AppVM to open of the ENCFS-encrypted data could 
be simplified by using something like a yubikey + short password.

Interested to get your feedback.


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