On Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 6:56:55 AM UTC-6, the2nd wrote:
> Hello,
> sorry for the long delay. Didnt had time to answer.
> If some of you is willing to help with testing LUKS-on-LVM could you please 
> provide the output of the commands below?
> sudo su -
> . /usr/lib/dracut/modules.d/99base/dracut-lib.sh
> getarg rd.ykluks.uuid
> If you have not modified your grub config for the ykluks dracut module yet 
> use this getarg command:
> getarg rd.luks.uuid
> Thanks
> the2nd

getarg rd.ykluks.uuid outputs nothing for me. But then, I'm not using a Yubikey.

getarg rd.luks.uuid outputs "luks-<uuid>", where lsblk shows that partition 
name to be a "crypt [SWAP]" on sda3 (sda1 being my /boot/efi/, and sda2 
containing "crypt /".

Not sure if/how any of this helps, but there it is.


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