I’ll probably only reinstall the hypervisor as a last resort, since I believe 
there is a different solution. I don’t exactly understand the solution though.

The steps are these:
Create a new Windows HVM with qvm-create --hvm --label green win7
Start it with an install ISO as described in the documentation
The VM will be stuck at the glowing logo: kill it with qubes VM manager
Copy the configuration file: cp /var/lib/qubes/appvms/win7/win7.conf /tmp
Edit the file, substituting the video driver from 'xen' to 'cirrus':
Start the VM using the modified config file: qvm-start win7 
Install windows note Windows will reboot a few times: make sure to start the VM 
with the --custom-config argument every time
When windows is successfully installed, disable driver signing with bcedit (see 
install docs)
Start the VM, but use the Qubes Tools option: qvm-start win7 
The VM will get stuck at the glowing logo: kill it with Qubes VM manager
Copy the config file: cp /var/lib/qubes/appvms/win7/win7.conf /tmp

My problem is with the configuration files. I tried it, and the file is 
completely blank (or I did something wrong). Besides that, I don’t understand 
how exactly to change the drivers. 

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