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An 9. Nov. 2017, 01:07, just_testing schrieb:

I'm fairly new to Linux, but I managed to get 3.2 to run and like it. But, I 
get this message during a 4.0-rc2 install with the same hardware: [Dom0] error 
["/usr/bin/qvm-start", "sys-firewall"] failed: stdout:"" stderr: "Start 
failed:internal error:libxenlight failed to create new domain "sys-firewall" ".

Lenovo T410 with intel centrino 6300 wireless card. So any hope? Maybe fixed in 
the official 4.0 release? Something I can try? Incompatible hardware?

I run into the same problem with my Lenovo X230 and invested several hours 
reinstalling and trying different Grub settings (IOMMU) on boot.
Nothing made it work, thereof I suggest waiting until the final Release of 
Qubes 4 comes out and don't invest any time here.
If you are new to Qubes be assured that Qubes 3.2 is perfectly fine to be used 
for daily production use until Q4 has been released as stable version.

In my case I am unsure if running Coreboot adds additional complexity and 
thereof will try to reinstall Qubes 4 after I've reflashed the original BIOS.

What would be great is a list of devices which are known to be able to run 
Qubes 4.


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