On Sunday, November 26, 2017 at 10:04:29 PM UTC, rob_66 wrote:
> Hi.
> Can anybody confirm, set-up(s) described in the links below – thanks,
> mig5 ! – still work today, in completely updated Qubes 3.2, Yubikey Neo,
> usbVM Fedora 25?
> I'm not interested in locking me out of the system. ;)
> ( https://mig5.net/content/yubikey-challenge-response-mode-qubes )
> https://mig5.net/content/yubikey-2fa-qubes-redux-adding-backup-key
> Cheers, thanks,
> Rob

I believe to remember it mentioned somewhere that the hardware key is an 
additional login measure, so that you can use both password and a hardware key, 
interchangeably. Then you can make the password really long and complex, and 
keep it in a safe place. Then use your hardware key while on the go. (For 
example). For as long as both the password and the hardware key has good 
entropy and long, then it should be hard to crack open.

Whether this is correct or not, I do not have the time right now to check it, 
as I'm on my way out of the door. But maybe you can try search for this. 

Also maybe run a backup before you try anything too, so you got extra 
redundancy before trying this out.

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