On Fri, December 22, 2017 6:12 pm, Josefa Hays wrote:

> I recently installed Q4.0-rc3. I have an old qubes-backup (from 2016) on
> a LUKS encrypted external HDD. How do I restore my backup in 4.0 using
> qvm-backup-restore? I guess I don't want to mount the drive directly in
> Dom0, so, how do I do? Create a designated "backup-vm" and then exactly
> how do I proceed?
> What would be the step-by-step guide for restoring an old qubes-backup
> using the commandline interface? Until the backup-GUI gets up and running
> in 4.0 I guess many users will have the same question.

Attach external drive to sys-usb
"qvm-block" to list partitions
"qvm-block a backup-vm sys-usb:sda1" (whichever is your LUKS partition)
mount and unlock inside backup-vm
"qvm-backup-restore -d backup-vm /path/to/backupfileinbackupvm oldvm1
oldvm2 oldvm3" to selectively restore certain vms
unmount inside backup-vm
"qvm-block d backup-vm sys-usb:sda1"
Detach drive

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