Hello everyone,

I am trying to install texlive on a fedora-26 template vm. The package is quite 
big, nevertheless it is correctly downloaded. After this, when the actual 
installation process would be supposed to start, it fails with the message:

At least *MB more space needed on the / filesystem

I have tried to use qvm-block to attach some cache file to the vm (as 
suggested, for instance, in ( 
https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/template/fedora/upgrade-21-to-23/ )
but giving 

qvm-block attach fedora-26 cachefile.img 

produces the error 

qvm-block: error: backend vm 'dom0' doesn't expose device 'cachefile.img'

How do I solve this? I read around that qvm-block is buggy with loop devices, 
but I am not sure this is the kind of problem I am facing. I also supposed this 
may have something to do with having a sys-usb VM (the references I found to 
qvm-block usage are all very outdated and antecedent to the sys-usb era), but 
then again I don't know precisely how should I proceed.


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