Hello all!

I have recently installed Qubes 4 RC3 (I used Qubes 3.2, but when I
switched laptops the installer was outdated, and I was forced to use
something else..)

In 3.2 you could allow network access in a template rather easily through
the GUI, and thus be able to pull software from other destinations than
just repos.

In 4 however, I cannot allow access to my template vm, thus preventing me
from, e.g. pulling my config files from github to my template, installing
other software from github or otherwise configuring and pulling software
from where ever I like.

So my question is basically:
Is it possible to open the template more up temporarily like in Qubes 3.2
so that I can install and customise the template however I like and how?


Are we forced to use Qubes in a more 'standalone' manner, meaning that we
should use standalone vm's more than templates now?

I am sorry if this has already been cleared somewhere, I was unable to find
anything related to this.

Thanks in advance for any answers!
I think I am most of all just puzzled.


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