> The same functionality is present in Qubes4, just not via a GUI.
> open a terminal in dom0 (adminvm) and type;
> qvm-prefs -s YOURVMNAME netvm sys-firewall
> When you are done downloading consider unsetting the netvm with;
> qvm-prefs -s YOURVMNAME netvm ""

I thought so, I just can't seem to find any information anywhere. I might just 
be stupid, or not looking closely enough.

I can see I need to read the documentation more carefully too, and look into 
all the new tools.

Thanks a bunch!

> I'll add the warning that you should be careful what you do in a TemplateVM, 
> anything you run or download has sudo and can install or change data which 
> then will cause all your VMs based on this template to be contaminated.
> Be safe.

Yeah, I know. I am only installing open source stuff, and things I actually 
trust. It is primarily for my template for private usage. I wouldn't install 
weird stuff in there :)

Again thanks!

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