On Sat, January 6, 2018 12:14 am, yreb...@riseup.net wrote:
> (XEN) [VT-D]DMAR:[DMA Write] Request device [0000:04:00.0] fault addr
> fff00000, iommu reg = ffff82c0009f4000 (XEN) [VT-D]DMAR: reason 05 - PTE
> Write access is not set
> ......repeat another 300 times :)

I'm not seeing any of the memory balancing log messages I was expecting,
maybe they aren't listed there in 3.2? I'll check on my system later.

Is it possible to remove or disable device 04:00.0 for a while to see if
that's causing your issue? I'm guessing it's an Ethernet card. You can
check with "lspci".

"sudo journalctl -b" might also give you some clues.

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