On Sunday, 7 January 2018 01:15:29 UTC+1, Andrew David Wong  wrote:
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> Dear Qubes Community,
> Fedora 25 reached EOL ([end-of-life]) on 2017-12-12. We sincerely
> apologize for our failure to provide timely notice of this event. It
> is strongly recommend that all Qubes users upgrade their Fedora 25
> TemplateVMs and StandaloneVMs to Fedora 26 immediately. We provide
> step-by-step [upgrade instructions] for upgrading your existing
> TemplateVMs and StandaloneVMs in-place on both Qubes 3.2 and Qubes
> 4.0. For a complete list of TemplateVM versions supported for your
> specific version of Qubes, see [Supported TemplateVM Versions].
> We also provide fresh Fedora 26 TemplateVM packages through the
> official Qubes repositories, which you can get with the following
> commands (in dom0).
> Standard Fedora 26 TemplateVM:
>     $ sudo qubes-dom0-update qubes-template-fedora-26
> [Minimal] Fedora 26 TemplateVM:
>     $ sudo qubes-dom0-update qubes-template-fedora-26-minimal
> After upgrading to a Fedora 26 TemplateVM, please remember to set all
> qubes that were using the old template to use the new one. The
> instructions to do this can be found in the [upgrade instructions]
> for your specific version.
> Please note that no user action is required regarding the OS version
> in dom0. If you're using Qubes 3.2 or 4.0, there is no dom0 OS
> upgrade available, since none is currently required. For details,
> please see our [Note on dom0 and EOL].
> If you're using an older version of Qubes than 3.2, we strongly
> recommend that you upgrade to 3.2, as older versions are no longer
> supported.
> [end-of-life]: 
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Release_Life_Cycle#Maintenance_Schedule
> [upgrade instructions]: /doc/template/fedora/upgrade-25-to-26/
> [Supported TemplateVM Versions]: /doc/supported-versions/#templatevms
> [Minimal]: /doc/templates/fedora-minimal/
> [Note on dom0 and EOL]: /doc/supported-versions/#note-on-dom0-and-eol
> This announcement is also available on the Qubes website:
> https://www.qubes-os.org/news/2018/01/06/fedora-26-upgrade/
> - -- 
> Andrew David Wong (Axon)
> Community Manager, Qubes OS
> https://www.qubes-os.org
> MDA30xAAhvx58l16DPzWdjTkCDAu8X/oIJVsidabezigI3x8BFcMWuNvGpfO9wD0
> 4oJVhXvLIrqPvWK6HBz5o8zld8rZd8r+OVB7Aivh34WIdVdxZZY9vwCvbWZifdbU
> jGpAMX+ivfXTB1DM4y3hZ/gq+7kScYzIPw9TRC8CykkCySqwwWJEEMCXvqGJvYxC
> HspnoiCo+LP63ta438yTHPFgk6chnlKlU2rK5KsdUE69tZl3s6t1NoZaxMHUCuMz
> sxmT081xqCh4+DCPZ6WzPKiKNEc8AMVD/5Axdt5mBn2rZqGYntEX0UWh7pak3Dk5
> MZBBdevbOFj0mlQ8/wStkBjNaRSOLT//PyPCeKKNf/wvOYDPI3PfUjxYM0LaKzl9
> X6go9tlbc7e43e9lbtArmvYGY7hXsAi721dvKnpng1vuDUZjKPWOFtSVS+MX/zIl
> yGmYDEK/UhFYRfaaKXP2vf5YRpRPGyl/MkTN/4akEttgnXxJ/ztR8WB3+PY73R4G
> AeT4zhbLSTptIneDH9wsRujBt1l1As/9ApVxt8e0nOtyou4LdVhDlkaO6Qt2FCAs
> Iprz5CYWBFD7qR9qmtDHSR99rldK0uau9Ihzabe5WK+9wtMNp3+6qaIemBUS9293
> m/Wf9H63xfjrdFMsjIiduZHFBw0Q4IQeKOlT7072QFJBvr2WmD4=
> =/ZvF

Thank you.

Unfortunately I know a couple of Qubes users who have switched to plain Fedora 
because of the delay.  That and the whole Meltdown/Spectre uncertainty.  I'm 
sure they'll be back after that has blown over and 4.0 has a stable release.

Keep up the good work!

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