Basically my issue is that I am getting a kernel panic when I try installing 
qubes-os on my laptop both in UEFI and legacy mode. 
The kernel panic can be seen here: and I 
sadly can't provide a hastebin dump since I have no way to log the error in 
text form (at least none that I'm aware of).

I have followed the steps in the uefi-troubleshooting docs page, to no avail

Steps to reproduce:
- Buy this laptop
- Burn the iso to usb using etcher or rufus after having verified file 
integrity via checksums and signature
- Boot to the usb in uefi or legacy

What I expect to happen:
- Normal boot to the installer

What I get instead:
- Attempts to boot, manages to get to the loading bar on legacy, not even close 
on uefi
- Then kernel panic (as seen in picture)

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated

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