On Friday, January 26, 2018 at 6:47:14 PM UTC+1, goo...@itrichter.de wrote:
> Am Samstag, 6. Januar 2018 20:28:21 UTC+1 schrieb goo...@itrichter.de:
> > [...]
> > Standalone Windows 7 VMs seem to work, though only without seamless GUI.
> > But I have not been able to get template-based windows VMs, they always 
> > fail with "Cannot execute qrexec-daemon!".
> Addition: In order to get a stable Windows 7, I had to disable memory 
> balancing AND set the min and max memory to the same value. Otherwise, the VM 
> would crash each time the memory balancing occured.

Yes, I can second this issue, I experience it too and had to turn off dynamic 
memory. Although I did not confirm if it was the case the last 1-2 months or 
so. I also had to be put on minimum Memory at 4GB, since 3GB or 3.5GB RAM 
sometimes made Win7 crash. 4GB+ made it stable on my system. 

I also brought over my Win7 install from Qubes 3.2. When I find a new clean 
install medium that I can be sure is 100% authentic, I'll re-install on Qubes 4 
to test it out, but I'm hoping to get a clean verified install medium first. 
Maybe someone knows any reliable place to find trustworthy hash-sum values of 
the MS Win7 iso-files. I've seen some posted once, but it was on an unreliable 
website at the time. For some weird out reason I can't use my legal license key 
to download the medium on the MS-website for a legal clean Win7 copy... seems 
like it isn't uncommon either for others? Some reliable hash values would be 
wonderous for more trustworthy installs on Qubes.

Also on my Qubes 3.2. Win7 on Qubes 4, I can easily transfer files in and out 
of Win7, and everything else Qubes related "seems" to work, except I have no 
internet connection. Just a heads up, and does anyone else experience this 
issue too from their Win7 that came from Qubes 3.2?

I can't see any windows-tools in the repository in Qubes 4, was it integrated 
into Qubes from the beginning, done in a different way, or maybe its not been 
done yet?

It seems very unfeasible to install Win7 without the qubes windows tools, or an 
Qubes 4 alternative that does the same. Does anyone know where we are at with 
these tools? I can't imagine installing Win7 is a good idea without it. Maybe 
find another computer, install Qubes 3.2. on it, install a new fresh Win7, 
backup, and then transfer it to Qubes 4?

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