On 02/04/2018 07:10 AM, Nuno Branco wrote:
2) When restoring VMs from Qubes 3.2 the software does not seem to work
if you select more than one VM to restore at a time. By this I mean the
restore process launches and finishes and I do have a VM listed on Qubes
manager with the name of the VM I tried to restore however it reports
"disk size 0 MiB" - when I power on the VM and check /home it is empty.
If I restore the VMs one by one this does not happen and the VMs are
restored normally - this is obviously annoying (e.g. while writing this
email I had around 8 prompts for access)

Just a note here as I've been trying to fix the many problems with restore -- it seems that backup was carefully constructed to work, but restore was more thrown together from a patchwork of old and new code.

I just posted a fix for restoring dom0 specifically, which was still broken when RC4 was released. If you don't exclude the dom0 home then you'll almost certainly encounter errors; I expect the fix will get to qubes*testing sometime in the next week or two. Also, restore is currently best used in the CLI (its qvm-backup-restore) as the GUI still has issues of its own.

I also decided to try a fresh RC4 install tonight and then restore an R3.2 archive (minus dom0 home) to see how that goes. Maybe I'll be able to recreate your issue...


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